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Dear Dr., Laklieshia Izzard:

Thank you so much for giving your presentation about Career Exploration at the Interdisciplinary Minority Fellowship Program’s  2021 first annual Interdisciplinary Summer Institute! We appreciate your time and dedication to IMFP.

IMFP Fellows described your session as “Engaging”, “Applicable to all fields”, and they enjoyed the energy that you brought that morning. You play a very valuable role in educating and influencing the future of our fellows. We very much appreciate your participation.

Attached to this letter, you will find a thank you presentation from us to you, as a token of our appreciation for the service you provided for us. Take care, please stay in touch, and we hope that you will be available to attend again next year!

Best regards,


I just wanted to say thank you to Dr. Izzard for the presentation on Managing Cumulative Stress. The Child Life team had wonderful things to say! The Staff felt that the presentation was a great overall reminder of the importance of self care, regardless of what that means for each individual person. I was told that this presentation was a “great foundation and reminder to focus on ourselves when needed.” Dr. Izzard was an engaging speaker and staff especially loved the hands on portion. Some staff even wished that there had been more opportunity for hands on healing because the exercise that she did made such a large impact on the team. This presentation brought about great conversation for the desire to learn further strategies to continue to support ourselves through the difficult day-to-day work. Thank you again for helping us begin to reset and refocus on ourselves so that we can be better caretakers at the hospital. 

JJ, Children's Hospital Of Atlanta, 2018

Hello Dr. Izzard, The evaluations for your Workshop on Avoiding Parental Burnout were very good. You received an overwhelming number of Excellent check marks in all categories. Many of the written comments stated the workshop was the perfect length. Many parents expressed that they learned new information from your presentation. Great job! We are so glad that you were able to present this workshop. Thanks for being with us this year! 



I sit here giving thanks to my Lord and savior for another day. It has been a blessing to have Dr. Izzard treating me. Her styles of therapy are very unique and very spiritual. We used different bible verses to deal with my PTSD and other anger problems. This technique helped me to gain a better understanding of God and how to allow him to handle my problems. The deep breathing technique are very helpful and so relaxing. Now when I get upset I turn to my bible. Being able to deal with my emotions by writing them down and what triggers the feeling helps me. Now I have a better relationship with myself and God. Thank you Dr. Izzard for everything you have done for me and my family.

-Minister, SSG –J, U.S. Army

Dr. Izzard veterans counseling and group sessions is by far the greatest therapy I've received. The counseling is not only great from a therapeutic perspective but also from a inspiration perspective. Dr. Izzard is very knowledgeable and knows how to make you feel comfortable talking about PTSD related issues".

SSG B, U. S. Army

I was very reserved with my emotions and never shared my true feelings. Dr. Izzard is the first therapist that made me feel comfortable enough to share and address my issues. For 20yrs, I had not released issues that had an immediate effect on me as it related to my experience from the Gulf War and my personal life. As a result of Dr. Izzard counseling approach I currently have a better relationships with God, my family and friends. I am able to manage my emotions and set personal boundaries which has helped me tremendously. Before counseling I sought God for some things but now I seek God for everything. Dr. Izzard has helped to put me in a position where I am READY to take on the WORLD after the military! 

Captain M, U.S. Army

Dr Izzard has been a true blessing in my life. Even though it has only been just over a month since I have been speaking to her, she has helped me overcome and identify issues that have bothered me for years in a mere matter of weeks. I feel as though I have benefited much more from my online sessions with Dr Izzard than I have from years of one on one therapy with other therapists. I only wish that I had started speaking to her years ago.-


Dr. Izzard is a dynamic counselor, educator and trainer who has a passion for seeing people reach their full potential. I have purchased her two most recent books, and have found them to be practical tools in both my personal and professional life. I truly respect her as a colleague and sister in the Lord. BW

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